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The Bondage of Bitterness!

Published in January 2018.

A fanciful saga that deals with the vicissitudes of one man's struggle to overcome the perils of life. He grows up in an incubated environment where introversion is the norm. Once exposed to the real world, he is fast-tracked into a world filled with deceit and trickery.  Ultimately he learns that the process of forgiveness is a gift to yourself. This book is available now on Amazon.com and Lulu.com!

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1 Child is 1 Too Many! 

Publish date August 2020.

A powerful story about coping with parental alienation from an apocryphal approach. Each chapter contains tools that equip the non-custodial parent and other victims with resources, support groups, self-care, and legalistic information. Pre-Orders Available March 2020!


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How to catch a falling marriage! 

publish date November 2020

Love makes the world go around. You cannot be married & stay married without learning how to forgive. The inability to forgive causes some couples to go from drinking each otherís bath water to despising each others very presence. LOVE is like a train, and FRIENDSHIP is like a railroad track. Like a train, LOVE will come & it will go; but like a train track, FRIENDSHIP will always be there. You must become a student of the person that you claim to love. QUESTION: What happens to love after the wedding? ANSWER: Your new JOB is to maintain the LOVE that you promoted before you said I DO.  Pre-Orders Available Fall 2020!




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